Welcome to Next Generation Detailing

Thank you for visiting Next Generation Detailing.  We are happy you found us.  NGD is a premium mobile detailing company servicing Gainesville and surrounding areas.   We come to you at home or business with the expertise, experience, and equipment to do the work.   We are licensed, certified, and insured.

NGD officially opened for business in 2008 to service the needs of the busy professionals in the Gainesville area.   As a luxury detailing company we bring our studio to you for your convenience.  Our goal is to provide excellency in everything we do and deliver the highest quality outcome for all of our clients.

Please contact us is if you have any questions.  We Love What We Do!

New Car Preparation

Got a new car? This is the perfect time to call us to get the car ready and looking as good as possible.  New vehicles sit on car lots for weeks and months exposed to the elements.  They also get abused during shipping and during test drives.  Its recommended to have the paint decontaminated and protected after you take possession of the vehicle.

Exterior Detailing

We have the tools to take care of any issues that can affect your vehicle exterior finish.  We have the skills, training and experience to correct issues with the paint and  to protect your vehicle.   Weather you need a maintenance wax, sealant, or a paint coating for the longest protection possible give us a call.

Interior Detailing

Our vehicle’s interior is important.  Its a small area were we spend hours a week.  Our maintenance interior detailing will ensure your car is clean and stays looking good for years.  Regular vacuuming and the cleaning and protection of the many materials inside your car is needed.  Is some cases we may have to use our carpet extractor or our steamer to sanitize the interiors.  Wherever the job requires we have the tools to do it right.

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy headlights reduce the amount of light emitted by your headlights reducing visibility.  We can removed the defect, restoring clarity to the headlight and making your car road-safe.  We use a three to four step sanding process to remove the oxidation and we then polish the headlights to a new like condition.


Gifts Certificates Available

Anniversaries, birthdays, employee recognition, or any other occasion.  Contact us today to order a gift certificate.